All the Pain, Men, Women and Children Equal

I am broken.

No one person broke me. I was born from pieces of people who were broken, like those before them. We are broken by society, by circumstance, by humanity. Not the awareness and compassion in humanity, not the humane, but by the actions, thoughts and words of other broken humans.

There has a been a heavy compilation of pain shared around the globe, by social media, through physical contact, and even in silence.

Watching a lot of heartbreaking YouTube videos about recent sexual assault allegations towards famous (male) YouTubers, and empowering Feminist/Equal Gender Rights videos. This is just another statistic, but in a world where all women are just numbers, I wonder if I will only matter when giving birth to a male. If you have been sexually harassed, assaulted, experienced domestic violence, or another type of traumatic incident, PLEASE speak up. You are not alone. Your strength could be the only thing another woman (or man) needs to follow your lead, be vocal and seek help.


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